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Zoe Helali: 100 % model and paintress by heart

"She’s the one: a graceful beauty, so full of soul.” International designers appraise Zoe Helali as their model and muse. Leading agencies in New York and Paris court the exotic beauty. But Zoe remained loyal to her adopted hometown - Berlin. Because the term "hometown" means a lot to Zoe. Born in Mainz in 1981, she got homeless over night against her will at the age of five. In consequence of her parents’ separation, she came to Tunisia. She lived there in exile for almost ten years. Only her dreams kept her alive: They formed the basis for her creative expression, which she developed during that time. Years later as a teenager, she returned to Germany and found Berlin to be her new home, where her talent did not remain undiscovered for long. For Zoe the German capital is a source of unending inspiration. Here she is living her dream of beauty and womanhood. The Golden 20s – for Zoe Helali they are reality today: Since she was 17 Zoe has worked successfully as model and muse and inspired great designers. Among her demanding clients are Armani, Schwarzkopf and Wella. She was featured in famous magazines like Vogue and GQ. Also well-known Berlin fashion designers regularly get inspired by the exotic beauty of Helali: Her North African roots give her such a deep expressiveness, which regularly attracts fascination and admiration. For Zoe, modeling is the most natural way to express her dreams, desires, but also fears. She gives not only physical form to a fashion creation – with her gentleness and sensitivity she literally puts soul into it. Besides her career as a model Zoe pursues a second great passion: painting. Already as a child, she imitated the works of world famous painters. Today, her own style is distinctive. Zoe’s theme is love in all its facets. Some 50 works adorn the Berlin home of Zoe Helali. As an elf, she often hovers around there and thereby looks into her own soul. Zoe Helali is a modern Mona Lisa with many talents. As her own work of art she produces herself without any script. At one moment she slips into the role of a singer, at another she slips into a dancer or actress, then she is again very much the model and the painter. Her living imagination gives her access to another world which she transforms with ease into reality for the public gazing at her.

Written by Gabi Zapfe


Zoe Helali
Atelier - Art & Performance, Berlin

Contact me at: info@zoehelali.com


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Zoe Helali
Atelier für Art & Performance, Berlin
Emserstr. 42
10719 Berlin